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AMAC Equipment Limited has a wide range of both general purpose and special application cleaning products for cables. Cable maintenance over time is a crucial part of improving lifetime and ensuring that there are no catastrophic failures during regular use. For cable to withstand the stresses and environmental factors that impact their structural integrity, AMAC’s high-end maintenance equipment including cable lubricant and cleaners are the clear choice. We stock all manner of solvents, lubricants, cleaners, and leak detectors.


Premium Leak DetectorTechlube®-HD Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling LubricantD'Gel® Cable Gel SolventGeneral Purpose CleanerPF® SolventTechLube®-FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling LubricantPF®-HP High Performance SolventPF®-141 IG Industrial Grade SolventPolywater® LZ Universal Cable Pulling LubePolywater® AFT™ Aerosol Foam SealantPolywater® Pad N Pole™ Utility Enclosure Repair SystemPolywater® FST™ Foam Duct SealantPolywater® FST™ MINI Duct SealantPolywater® PedFloor™ Pedestal Sealant Foam BarrierPolywater® ZipSeal™ Duct SealantPolywater® UPR™ Utility Wood Pole RepairPolywater® BonDuit® Conduit AdhesivePolywater® AirRepair® Pressurized Cable Leak Repair SystemPolywater® Dura-Plate™ 100 Epoxy MortarPolywater® PowerPatch® Transformer Leak RepairPolywater® PowerPatch® PILC Leak RepairPolywater® InstaGrout™ Utility Pad Sealant BarrierPolywater® SqueekyKleen™ Fiber & Copper Gel Filled Cable CleanerPolywater® Grime-Away™ Cleaning WipesPolywater® HydraSol® Cable Gel RemoverPolywater® Type HP™ Cleaner DegreaserPolywater® Type HP™ 16-oz (475 ml) Aerosol CanPolywater® Type RP™ Fast-Evaporating Cable CleanerPolywater® Type RP™ Cleaner Aerosol CanPolywater® AquaKleen™ Water-Based Fiber Optic CleanerPolywater® Type FD™ Electrical Contact CleanerPolywater® RBG™ Insulated Rubber Goods CleanerPolywater® Type FO™ Alcohol Fiber Optic CleanerPolywater® Type KC™ Electrical CleanerPolywater® Hot Stick Cleaner & Water-Repellent WipePolywater® BOOM™ Wipes Cleaner for Insulated Bucket TrucksPolywater® QuicKleen™ Fiber EndFace CleanerPolywater® Fiberglass Wax & Buff KitPolywater® SPW™ Solar Panel CleanerPolywater® EFW™ Alcohol WipePolywater® SpliceMaster® DT Dry TowelsPolywater® CableWash™ Cable Jacket Washing SolutionSpliceMaster® Sanding Cloth RollsPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Pulling LubricantPolywater® J Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® CPL Communications Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® F Fiber Optic Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® PJ (Pourable J) High Performance Cable LubePolywater® + Silicone™ Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® CLR Clear Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Cable Blowing LubricantPolywater® FTTx Communications LubricantDyna-Blue® Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater ® PR Power Cable LubricantPolywater® SPY™ Sprayable Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® Prelube 5000™ Microcable Blowing LubricantType P7™ Penetrating OilPolywater® WX Wax-Base Pulling LubricantPolywater® G Cable Pulling LubricantPolywater® A Pourable Cable LubricantPolywater® GrandSlam™ Pipe Joint LubricantPolywater® CableFree® Loosener Cable Removal AidPolywater® Lubricant Pump Drill – Powered Model LP-D5Polywater® Pull-Planner™ 4.0 Cable Pulling SoftwarePolywater® IceFree™ Encapsulating Antifreeze Gel SystemPolywater® PL-3™ Packing Installation LubricantPolywater® Type CG™ Cold Galvanizing Spray

Cable Lubricants


Proper cable lubricant is an integral part of any cable-pulling operation. The process of cable pulling involves a lot of friction between the conductor and insulating cover. Large quantities of lubricant are needed to prevent the heat generated by cable pulling from damaging the conductor. AMAC has a variety of high-quality cable lubricants in stock, available for purchase in any quantity. Our lubricants have one of the lowest frictional coefficients and are made with the best-in-class raw materials to pull fiber optic and copper based cables.


Leak Detector


AMAC Equipment has industrial-grade leak detection products. Our premium leak detector is non-toxic and contains no ethylene-glycol. Gas leaks can easily be detected without complete immersion in a fluid medium. All our leak detectors exceed updated Telco performance standards for the best performance in their class.




Our cable cleaner is a general-purpose tool designed to provide fast and effective dissolution of grease, dirt, and grime that has built up on cables over the course of their lifetime. AMAC supplies a high-quality cable cleaning solution that is economical, fast-drying, and non-toxic.


We also have a wide range of industrial grade solvents in our inventory. With our cable lubricant, degreasers, solvents, and other products, you can rest assured that you will find the right maintenance option for your cable pulling and repair operations.