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Polywater® Type CG™ Cold Galvanizing Spray

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Cold Galvanizing Spray for Weld Coating, Metal Protection, and Repair

  • Protects – Contains 95% pure zinc to prevent rust and corrosion on steel electrical apparatus.
  • Universal – Can be used on steel, metal equipment, welding jobs, and as paint primer/touch-up.
  • Efficient – Nozzle minimizes drips and dries quickly.
  • Safe – Compatible with plastics and carcinogen free.

Type CG Cold Galvanize is an industrial aerosol coating for metal protection and repair. Type CG contains 95% pure zinc. When sprayed on metal it forms a zinc-rich coating that prevents rust and inhibits corrosion through sacrificial galvanic action.

Type CG Cold Galvanize provides superior rust protection on pole line hardware, breaker panels, meter boxes, utility trailers, guard rails, safety rails, ladders, threads, conduits, utility poles, transformer and sectionalizing cabinets, fasteners, and fencing. Type CG aerosol offers easy on-the-job application and is ideal as a primer or for touch-up. Quick-drying CG contains no chlorinated solvents, and is excellent for weld coating. The nozzle does not gum up and plug as easily as other cold galvanizing sprays on the market.  Type CG meets various Mil spec and ASTM tests and requirements.