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Amac Amac

Polywater® Type KC™ Electrical Cleaner

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A Fast-Acting Cleaner for Contacts and Electrical Apparatus

  • No Flashpoint – Safe and non-flammable.
  • Non-Conductive – Will not short across typical electrical voltages.
  • No Residue – Evaporates completely.
  • Compatible  – Safe to use on plastics.
  • Safe – Replaces chlorinated electrical cleaners.

Polywater® KC Electrical Contact & Equipment Cleaner can be used to clean circuit boards, controls, switches, substation relays, communication radios, meters, traffic control electronics, cables, etc.  It effectively cleans oxidation, dust, and light oils from electrical equipment. KC leaves no residue and has no flashpoint, making it an excellent choice for emergency outages and plant shut-down applications. Polywater® KC is also safe for use on most plastics, for confidence when cleaning sensitive electronics and circuit boards. In compliance with national and local regulatory requirements, Type KC has low VOCs and contains no ozone depleting chemicals or known or suspected carcinogens. It is safer to use in confined spaces compared to chlorinated solvents.

Polywater® KC Electrical Cable & Equipment Cleaner will not corrode or stain metal parts. It does not tarnish or corrode copper per ASTM D 130 and D 1729. Polywater® KC is compatible with most plastics and elastomers, with much less effect on these materials than chlorinated solvents and HCFC 141b. 

* Not available in Canada