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Amac Amac

Polywater® Type FD™ Electrical Contact Cleaner

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A Fast-Drying Cleaner
for Electrical and General Industrial Use

  • Fast Evaporating – Saves time and ensures moisture doesn’t compromise the splice.
  • Multipurpose – One cleaning solvent for electrical installations.
  • Compatible – Will not corrode or stain metal.  Safe to use with most plastics.
  • Variety of Packaging – To meet different end uses.
  • Non-Conductive – Will not short across typical electrical voltages.

FD Electrical Contact Cleaner is a fast-drying, multi-purpose industrial and maintenance cleaner.  It is suitable for electrical and communication maintenance cleaning.  It replaces ozone-depleting CFC’s, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, HCFCs, perchloroethylene, and other carcinogenic chlorinated solvents. FD Cleaner effectively dissolves industrial grimes, greases, lubrication fluids, silicone, tars, adhesives, and fluxes.

FD Electrical Contact Cleaner leaves no residue once dried.  It is excellent for cleaning contacts, meters, communication radios, and cleaning medium voltage cable during the terminating process.  For precision cleaning (residue-free use), prevent recontamination with existing grime by finishing with a fresh wipe, spraying until the solvent runs clear, or rinsing in a fresh bath of FD cleaner. FD Electrical Contact Cleaner is fast evaporating and does not require forced air to dry.  In areas where solvent has pooled, the part may be wiped with an absorbent, lint-free towel.


FD Electrical Contact Cleaner will not corrode or stain metal parts. It does not tarnish or corrode copper per ASTM D130 and D1729.  FD Electrical Contact Cleaner is compatible with most plastics and elastomers. See the technical data sheet in sidebar for industry testing data.


FD Electrical Contact Cleaner has a low level of toxicity. As with any solvent, ventilation should be sufficient to keep vapors at safe levels.  FD Electrical Contact Cleaner is an extremely flammable liquid.  It should not be used on energized equipment. FD should not be used for high-temperature cleaning or be exposed to pilot lights, flames or heated surfaces. Good industrial hygiene practices and appropriate precautions should be employed during use.