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Overhead cables have been a huge part of infrastructure for decades. The many advantages of overhead cable installation include easier access for repairs and maintenance. Our aerial equipment assists operations like overhead cable installation and replacement. Working at great heights is a risk because of the possibility of structural collapse and more. It is important that the cables be laid and tightened with minimal risk of human injury. Adherence to quality standards is critical, and all our aerial equipment is designed to provide excellent quality of installation when processes are performed correctly.


Some of Our Aerial Installation Equipment Includes:



Overhead Sheaves


Our overhead sheaves are made for overhead power and cable line installation. They are an integral part of our aerial equipment. The sheaves we supply at AMAC are designed to suit multiple conductor dimensions, with different specifications for pulley diameter available based on specifications.


Corner Blocks


Corner blocks are aerial equipment supplied by AMAC Equipment built to improve the stability of overhead infrastructure. They are a critical component when it comes to preventing accidents and increasing the lifetime of such structures. Our corner blocks ensure the reduction of maintenance costs over the lifetime of the installed cable.


Pole Brackets


Brackets on overhead power and cable infrastructure improve structural integrity by providing a stable strut upon which sheaves and other components can be fixed. The aerial equipment supply from AMAC includes durable, high-quality overhead pole brackets designed to fit different types of sheaves and other equipment.




Our hydraulic tensile pullers are designed specifically for above-ground applications. Cables that are being installed overhead can be pulled to the correct relaxed tension for optimal performance and cost efficiency. We also provide accessories for these pullers, including specialized electronic meters and more.


Our range of aerial equipment isn’t limited to these – check out the rest of the products available at AMAC’s aerial line right now and see if we can provide the right one for you.