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Welcome to AMAC Equipment Limited

Celebrating Over 50 Years 


AMAC Equipment Limited is a provider of parts and service for cable installation applications. In recent years, we expanded to support the arboricultural industry. Our range of products includes a wide variety of hand tools, lubricants, cleaners, truck mounted equipment, hydraulic cable cutters, and more. Cable installation practices are changing constantly as new equipment and technology enter the field. AMAC has seen and assisted in the growth and the evolution of these practices over the years, bringing forward new equipment, methods, and solutions for all manner of cable laying and repairing situations.


Aerial Equipment
  • Overhead Sheaves, Corner Blocks, Cable Benders, Pole Brackets; Lashers; Lay-Up Sticks; Pullers and Accessories
  • AMAC Equipment has high-end cable lubricant for every purpose. Contact us now!
  • Unable to find it? Rest assured we can help provide a solution. Custom manufacturing of Under Bridge Conduit Support Systems, Bore Spacers for encasing conduits. Custom Labeling and Identification Systems. Not sure of what you're in need of let us know.
  • Live Line Jumper, Single Phase and Three Phase Cluster Grounds, Underground Elbow Grounds, Clamps and Components
  • Pole Climbing, Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest, FR and Hi-Visibility Clothing, Hard Hats, Work Gloves, Safety Glasses, Work Boots and Traffic Control
  • Arresters, Insulators, Pole Bands, Bolts, Washers, Guy Attachments and Anchors, Clamps and Deadend Clamps, Clevis, Eyelets, Fiberglass Crossarms and Distribution Cutouts
  • Hydraulic Pullers, Hydraulic Tensioners, Hydraulic Puller-Tensioners, Reels Stands, Reel Trailers, Single Conductor Blocks, Bundled Conductor Blocks, Helicopter Blocks, Head Boards, Inspection Trolleys, Rolling Grounding Devices and Accessories
  • Mechanical or Ratcheting Hand Tools. Single and Double Acting, High or Low Pressure Hydraulic Tools. If you need to cut it, crimp it, tighten it, loosen it, spike it, spear it, hold it, lift it, hit it, tamp it, drive it, or just bury it we can help.
  • Air Compressors & Generators, Specialty Cable Installation and/or Cable Removal Equipment, Fishing & Rodding, Reel & Material Handling Equipment or Accessories.
  • Cable Pullers or Blowers, HDD Accessories, Manhole Entry and Cable Handling Equipment, Utility Tools and Accessories.

Founded in 1963, AMAC Equipment has always focused on delivering quality service and products to our customers. With multiple decades of industry experience behind us, you can be confident our underground or aerial gear and services exceed your expectations. We have an extensive range of products such as hydraulic cable cutters, but we aren’t limited to what you see here. Our goal is to provide everyone with the tools and the service they need to lay cables in any locations. If you need equipment to descend underground, we have it ready for you. We are also capable of providing recommendations and equipment to promote safety among workers on-site.


AMAC Equipment isn’t just focused on providing customers with gear, either. We want to provide a full range of services, including tools to maintain your existing equipment and prolong its lifetime. We do this by supplying high-end cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, and other products that are used to keep each of your machines and tools in the best running condition.


In addition to all these services, we also promote the best customer service in the region. A big part of this can be credited to our experienced technical team, composed of highly skilled workers who can install and demonstrate the efficiency of the cable installation, hydraulic cable cutters, and laying equipment we supply. 

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