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Polywater® BOOM™ Wipes Cleaner for Insulated Bucket Trucks

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BOOM Cleaner Removes Residues
That Can Cause Tracking

  • Powerful Cleaner – Removes grease, dirt, tar, road salt, sea salts and grime before washing.
  • Gel Coat Safe – Won’t remove or adversely affect the gel coat.
  • Approved – Bucket truck manufacturer recommended.
  • Convenient – Pre-saturated, lint-free cleaning wipes designed for overall or spot cleaning.
  • Biodegradable – Water soluble and solvent free.

Polywater® BOOM Prewash Wipes are saturated towels that clean grease, tar, creosote, salt spray, hydraulic fluid, pine pitch, insects and road debris off insulated fiberglass boom arms, insulators, and buckets.  Tracking on insulated bucket trucks occurs when too much residue builds up and allows a pathway for electrical current.  It is important to clean and inspect boom and bucket trucks on a regular basis.

Dirt accumulated during normal use can affect a boom’s dielectric properties. Annual dielectric testing is not enough to ensure safe operation. Insulated areas of a boom truck should be cleaned regularly with an approved product such as Polywater® Boom Wash to reduce risk for personnel. Common degreasers and solvents can actually harm booms by stripping the gel coat and causing weak or soft spots. Cleaners and protectants designed specifically for fiberglass booms are recommended.

Once the boom is properly cleaned, apply a good wax to protect the surface and force water beading during misty or wet weather. American Polywater manufactures a specialty fiberglass wax available in pint cans (cat #W-16) or individual towelettes (cat #W-1). All products used on a boom truck should be approved by the aerial lift manufacturer.

Companies should follow boom truck manufacturer guidelines on the frequency of dielectric testing, proper cleaning practice, and other maintenance procedures. The ANSI A92.2-1990 Standard (Section 5.4.3) also addresses proper dielectric testing intervals and field inspections for aerial truck testing.


Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® BOOM Prewash Wipes are available as individual saturated towels (cat #B-1) or in a pop-up canister containing 72 wipes (cat #B-D72).

Boom Wash Concentrate (BWC-128) is a detergent liquid that is mixed with water to make a mild boom cleaner. Note: this detergent-based liquid is NOT the same solvent cleaner as the saturated B-1 and B-D72 prewash wipes, and would typically be used after the wipes were used to clean off any persistent grime.