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Polywater® Lubricant Pump Drill – Powered Model LP-D5

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For Pumping Cable Pulling Lubricant
from Pails and Drums

  • Pumps All Polywater® Lubricants – Provides consistent lubrication with less effort when pulling cable.
  • Variable Pumping Rate – Adjustable – speed drill (not included) can pump at appropriate rate based on cable size and pulling speed.
  • Clean – Eliminates hand scooping, messy pouring, and lengthy clean-ups.
  • Versatile – Lubricants can be pumped into vertical or horizontal conduits.
  • Durable & Corrosion Resistant – Solid brass body with stainless steel shaft is not affected by water-base lubricants.

Open pail or drum.   With drum, untie and open liner, then replace drum cover.   Set LP-D5 pump in 5-gallon pail or into the 2-inch bung hole of a 55-gallon drum.   Attach variable – speed drill to LP-D5.

Insert free end of hose into conduit opening, pail or jug.   Set drill to OPERATE IN FORWARD.   Start drill to pump lubricant until it is visible at hose end.   If installing cable, start pulling cable and adjust variable speed drill to pump lubricant at desired flow rate.

Pump clean tap water through LP-D5 pump until water discharge is clear and no lubricant is apparent.   Let pump containing tap water soak for 15 minutes.   Run pump again with clean tap water to remove any remaining lubricant.   Repeat the process as necessary.   Wipe off pump.   Protect from dirt with bag or other cover.

Keep dirt and debris away from pump to avoid damage.   Avoid running pump dry to prevent damage.