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AMAC Equipment has evolved into a leading supplier of fiber blowers and other industrial cable installation equipment over a period of 50+ years. We have seen significant expansion in the range of products and services on offer at our company. Founded on the principles of high quality products and excellent customer service, our fiber blowers and other products are today among the most in-demand in the GTA. 

AMAC Equipment Limited was established in 1963 and is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. Being located here has put us at the epicenter of trade and civil engineering work in and around the city over the years, which is necessary because of our specialized base of customers.


We proudly serve customers in the municipal, provincial, and federal government departments covering telecommunications, power generation and distribution, CATV cable, natural gas, and other contracting industries. Any industry that requires products like fiber blowers or other cable installation equipment has had the opportunity to work with us to bring their projects to a success. As we gained experience over the years, we have trained each of our employees to provide excellent service and quality inspection practices for each of our customers.


In the last five years, AMAC has moved from concentrating solely on underground cable installation to add equipment to facilitate aerial cable installation and the arboriculture industry. The arboriculture industry is dedicated to the study of trees and other botanical life for scientific purposes. We also supply our customers with tools and accessories for trenchless technology applications. Our products range from hand tools to speciality lubricants, cleaners, and truck mounted equipment. Fiber blowers and cutters are also a part of our product lines. 

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, AMAC offers expertise on both standard and speciality equipment, services, and applications.

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