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Polywater® PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair

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Transformer Leak Repair System
for Gas and Oil Insulated Transformers


  • Fast Repair – Stops active leaks without shutting down equipment.
  • Convenient – Seals active leaks in minutes.  Also eliminates “bagging” of transformers during transit.
  • Resilient – Seal is UV and weather resistant for long-term durability.
  • High Adhesion – Adheres to a variety of substrate materials for fast and effective leak repair of power transformers, gas insulated switchgear, and other electrical assets.
  • Chemically Inert – Will not affect oils, solid insulation or other equipment.

Polywater® PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair permanently repairs oil and gas leaks commonly found in:

– Bushing & portal gaskets
– Bolt & nut leaks
– Welding defects
– Valve & meter connections

The fast, durable repair of oil and gas leaks with PowerPatch® is an economical and effective means to protect essential electrical grid assets. The repair of leaks in the field with PowerPatch®  reduces risks to the environment and personnel, and increases the overall performance of the electrical grid.

Leak repair with PowerPatch® reduces the length and frequency of power disruptions to ensure the maximum efficiency of the grid.   PowerPatch® is an easy and fast way to repair leaks in transformers by following a step-by-step process. PowerPatch® is successfully applied in numerous installations around the globe, in extreme climates and difficult spots.


Product/Package Notes:

PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair comes in several field-friendly forms.

PowerPatch® EPCT comes in a side-by-side cartridge (shown above) that mixes the two parts as they are applied. A plunger tool is required for application.

PowerPatch® EP is a thicker paste that comes in premeasured Part A and B cups. The two parts are hand mixed before application.

PowerPatch® EPSC is a slower-curing version recommended for large repairs where more pot life is needed.

The PowerPatch® Sealant is provided in kits with the preparation and patching materials necessary for a good repair. See details in the product table below.