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Polywater® CableWash™ Cable Jacket Washing Solution

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Safe and Effective Way
to Clean Dirt Off Cable Jackets

  • Safer – No harsh solvents to swell or damage cable jackets.
  • Biodegradable – Water-based cleaner is environmentally friendly.
  • Convenient – Eliminates need to source water, soap, or other cleaners.
  • Clean – The proper way to prep the cable splicing area.
  • Non-Freezing – Suitable for cold weather application.

For years crews working with direct buried cables often found them coated with baked-on dirt and mud.  The only thing available to clean the jackets was solvent-based medium voltage cable cleaner. These solvent cleaners are intended to clean cable insulation during splicing, not jackets.  When splice cleaners are applied directly on a cable jacket, they can cause swelling and weakening.  Spraying solvent to clean cables in vaults and other enclosed spaces can also produce excess solvent vapors and potentially hazardous working conditions.

Polywater® CableWash is a water-based cleanser that can be used even in cold weather environments to safely and effectively remove mud, dirt, and grime from cable jackets without harm. This cleaner is excellent for cleaning large areas of cable jackets where the extended area is needed for positioning heat shrink or cold shrink splice coverings prior to positioning them over the splice area. This prevents dirt contamination in the splice area that can lead to splice failure.


CableWash comes in a package with a "scrubbing head".  This container is refillable and reusable for a more sustainable solution than aerosol cans.