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Pole Line Hardware at AMAC Equipment Limited


Pole line hardware is used by our clients to facilitate the construction and installation of overhead telephone and electrical cables and conduits. This hardware can include a wide range of different components, each of which has a specific function. AMAC Equipment supplies pole line hardware that suits the specific situation of multiple diverse industries. Our components are versatile and are designed to work well with different manufacturers and brands. The pole line hardware supplied here is also capable of supporting multiple cables and varying dimensions. When you talk to AMAC about your hardware for overhead cabling, you’re getting the best possible experience.



Crossover Clamps


When both underground and overhead cables meet and crossover, these clamps from AMAC Equipment will provide you with the tools to secure and stabilize cable junctions. Our clamps support multiple dimensions of cables whether 1.5” or 5” in diameter.


Drop Hardware


AMAC Equipment supplies drop hardware for multiple cabling industries and clients. Our drop hardware is not intrusive and made out of high-grade alloys that are both durable and versatile. They can secure and stabilize cabling as well as any other components to be attached to a pole.


At AMAC Equipment Limited, we believe in being a full-service provider of all pole line hardware currently used in the industry. Our inventory of hardware is constantly being updated with the latest gear and technology. All the products in our extensive range are subject to rigorous quality testing that ensures best-in-class performance for extended periods of time. The purpose of our pole line hardware is to be compatible with both modern and legacy cabling installations while prolonging the lifetime of new and current systems. Contact us today to get a quote or recommendations for the right pole line gear for you.