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Polywater® CLR Clear Cable Pulling Lubricant

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Clear Cable Pulling Lubricant
for Electrical Applications

  • Clean – Wipes off easily so wire markers stick.
  • Water-Based Lubricant – Safe to use and biodegradable.
  • Reduces Friction – Easier, lower-tension cable pulls.
  • Clings to Cable – Easy hand application.
  • UL and ULc Listed – Meets inspection criteria.

* Polywater® CLR is not recommended for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE and CPE cable jackets. For these jacket types,Polywater® LZ is the recommended/approved product.

Polywater® CLR Clear Cable Pulling Lubricant is a clear, colorless, clean, slow-drying, easy-to-apply gel lubricant. This thick gel lubricant was developed to avoid drippage to make handling and application easy.  Polywater® CLR is a good lubricant for everyday cable pulling.

The dried residue of Polywater® CLR Lubricant is harmless to humans, environmentally safe, and compatible with cable jacket materials.