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Polywater® EFW™ Alcohol Wipe

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Water-Free Cleaning Wipe For
HDPE Fusion and Butt Splicing

  • 99.8% Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol – Highest alcohol content in the pipeline industry ensures residue free cleaning.
  • Large Cleaning Wipe – More cleaning per wipe.
  • Good Solvency – Removes mud, dirt, and other contaminants from elbows, T’s, saddles, and MET fittings.
  • Effective Cleaner – More consistent and stronger HDPE fusion splices.

Polywater® EFW Electro Fusion Wipe cleans the pipe surface of gas, electrical, telecom, water, or sewer PE conduits prior to the electro or butt fusion process.  Installer should have a handy source of  EFW-1 disposable wipes available to avoid reuse/contamination issues.   EFW wipes can clean more area prior to shaving (scraping) the pipe. The wipe can also be used to clean off pipe shavers or any contaminant that could interfere with a good fusion process.


Product/Package Notes:

The Polywater® EFW wipe contains fast-evaporating, anhydrous alcohol. 

An alternative, where VOC regulations do not allow the use of alcohol, is the Polywater® ACE acetone wipe. This water-free solvent wipe also offers excellent cleaning with no residue. Acetone evaporates slightly faster than alcohol.