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Dyna-Blue® Cable Pulling Lubricant

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Thick Gel Lubricant
Best for Hand Application

  • Clean – Non-staining gel lubricant. Won’t stain clothing, carpet, or sheetrock.
  • Easy – Can be applied by hand.
  • High Cling Factor – Stays on wires during application.  Will not cold flow.
  • Temperature Stable – No ruined lubricant from freeze/thaw exposure.
  • Wipes Clean and Dry – Wire markers stick to cable jackets.

* Dyna-Blue® Lubricant is not recommended for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE and CPE cable jackets. For these jacket types, Polywater® LZ is the recommended/approved product.

Dyna-Blue® Lubricant is a clean, slow-drying, easy-to-apply gel for hand application. It is a thick gel with “clingability” for easy handling and application. Dyna-Blue® combines effectiveness with economy. It is a good lubricant for everyday use in general electrical applications.

Dyna-Blue® Lubricant does not cold flow down vertical conduits.  It wipes cleanly off cables, allowing wire markers to stick.  It dries slippery with <5% residue so cables aren’t “cemented” in the duct.  It is a stable gel that won’t degrade and turn runny in its container over time. 


Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® Dyna-Blue® Lubricant can also be pumped using the LP-D5 drill-powered pump (see sidebar).