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Polywater® AirRepair® Pressurized Cable Leak Repair System

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Seals Air Leaks in
Pressurized Cable and Splices

  • Eliminates Hot Lead Wiping:  Improved safety and convenience.
  • Multiple Uses:  Seals air leaks in lead-sheathed cables, splice enclosures, polyethylene “Stalpeth®” cable jackets, load coils, end-plates, and more.
  • Easy to Apply:  Paste seals hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fast Cure Time:  Typically ready for pressurization in under 15 minutes.
  • Saves Money:  Less expensive and faster than hot lead wiping.

AirRepair® Sealant is a revolutionary leak repair system for pressurized telephone cables and splices.  AirRepair® Sealant seals air leaks in lead-sheathed cables and splice enclosures, polyethylene “Stalpeth®” cable jackets, load coils, end-plates, and more.  AirRepair® Sealant eliminates messy and dangerous molten lead “hot wipe” procedures.  AirRepair® Sealant allows a single craftsperson, with minimal training, to effectively and economically seal 20 or more leaks per day.

AirRepair® Sealant is a 2-part, fast-curing, gray paste.  The AirRepair® Sealant 2-part paste is packed in an easy-to-use system.  Pre-measured packaging contains enough material to seal one typical leak, approximately 6 square inches at a coating thickness of 1/4 inch.

AirRepair® Sealant is a no-sag paste that, once mixed, can be immediately applied to the cable or splice underside, along seams, and in the “crotch” area. The sealant will hold air pressure within 10 minutes of mixing and application. The sealant cures at ambient temperatures as low as 40°F, forming a tough seal.  The cured seal is resistant to water, salt, oils, and other manhole contaminants.


Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® AirRepair® Sealant is provided in a kit customized to end-user needs.  The kit contains the preparation and patching materials necessary to repair air leaks in polyethylene and lead-sheathed cables and splice enclosures.  Components typically include sealant, putty, cleaning wipes, abrasive cloth, mixing and application tools, gloves, primer (for polyethylene applications), and detailed instructions.