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Polywater® A Pourable Cable Lubricant

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Single-Polymer, Pourable Lubricant
for Underground Installations Only

  • Clean & Non-Staining – Clean drying and non-staining for less mess.
  • Water-Based Lubricant – Biodegradable and safe to use.
  • Easy Application – Can be poured or pumped.
  • Temperature Stable – No ruined lubricant from freeze/thaw exposure.
  • Compatible with Cable Jackets* – Suitable for a broad variety of wire and cable.

Polywater® A is the original single-polymer Polywater® Lubricant developed for underground cable pulling in the telecommunication and electrical utility industries. This non-staining lubricant was widely used 30-40 years ago due to its ease of application, resistance to mold growth, and availability in field-friendly packages.

Polywater’s newer complex-polymer lubricants, such as Polywater® F for fiber optic and coaxial cables and Polywater® PJ for electrical cables, are better suited for today’s longer and more difficult pulls in hot environments or with multiple bends. If Polywater® A is still being used, we recommend contacting American Polywater for an improved alternative for your cable installation needs.

* Polywater® A is not recommended for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE and CPE cable jackets. For these jacket types, Polywater® LZ is the recommended/approved product.