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SpliceMaster® Sanding Cloth Rolls

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Non-Conductive Sanding Cloth for Medium & High Voltage Cable Prep

  • Non-Conductive – Leaves no conductive grit that could lead to tracking or arcing.
  • Durable – Cloth backing resists shredding and helps to evenly “pencil” semicon layer.
  • Convenient – Unravel and snip only the needed amount. Eliminates waste.
  • System Approach – Part of the SpliceMaster® Cleaning system.

SpliceMaster® 120-grit, non-conductive, aluminum oxide sandpaper rolls are for removing semi-con shield residue, jacket polymers, and other contaminating materials from electrical cable insulation during splicing. Deposits can lead to tracking or arcing and must be removed prior to splicing electrical cable.

Emery cloth and standard store-bought sandpapers and abrasives can leave conductive grit residues that could lead to cable failure and hazardous conditions. Only non-conductive sanding materials should be used. Never abrade an energized cable.


SpliceMaster® Sandpaper Rolls contain 50 yards of 1-inch wide, flexible, 120-grit, non-conductive aluminum oxide sanding cloth.