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Amac Amac

Type P7™ Penetrating Oil

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Multi-Functional Penetrating Oil

for Electrical, Comm-Data, and Industrial Use

  • Protects – Extends equipment life by providing a protective film.
  • Displaces Water – Seals out moisture and dries out ignitions.
  • Penetrates – Loosens stuck metal parts and apparatus.
  • Safe – Harmless to most plastics and safe on metal, paint, and rubber.
  • Non-Conductive – Leaves a protective film that is non-conductive.

P7 Penetrating Oil is suitable for all kinds of electrical, industrial and telecommunication uses. Type P7 works four ways: as a moisture displacer, rust preventative, lubricant, and penetrating oil. P7 eliminates the need to carry multiple products for separate tasks, reducing chemical inventories and SDS collection.

P7 Penetrating Oil is excellent for maintaining locks. Spray P7 into lock tumblers for easy opening and long-lasting protection against rust. P7 is ideal for freeing up seized pole line hardware and all nuts and bolts. It has many electrical and telecommunication utility applications, such as lubricating and protecting cabinets and enclosures. P7 penetrates quickly to loosen stuck or frozen parts. Use P7 to maintain and lubricate equipment and motors. It displaces moisture, which is critical to restoring electrical or electronic equipment systems damaged by water ingress. Refer to our storm damage document on the sidebar for more information on the proper way to bring electrical systems back online after flooding.

P7 Penetrating Oil meets and exceeds numerous mil spec and ASTM standards making it a great choice for wide ranging industries. Please refer to our technical specification document for detailed test data on these standards.