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Amac Amac

Polywater® Type RP™ Fast-Evaporating Cable Cleaner

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Medium & High Voltage Cable

Preparation Cleaner/Degreaser

  • Safe – Excellent alternative to brominated and chlorinated solvents.
  • Versatile – Available in Pel-Pac towelettes or aerosol cans.
  • Fast Evaporation – Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Tested – High dielectric strength of 56Kv meets IEEE 1493.
  • Proven – Approved by medium voltage cable manufacturers.

Polywater® Type RP Rapid Power medium voltage cable cleaner evaporates quickly without the health and safety issues of other volatile cable cleaners.  Type RP is packaged several ways to make cleaning and maintenance safer and easier.

The Pel-Pac single wipes are lint-free and saturated with the optimal amount of solvent for the job.  The RP-1L wipes easily fit into tool bags, nose bags, and splicer tool buckets.  Pre-packaged wipes ensure the use of a lint-free towel, limit the solvent exposure, eliminate waste, and properly prep the cable.  Using too much solvent to clean cables can result in pooling of the solvent, potentially causing tracking failure.

The RP-16 aerosol is best suited for cleaning busbars, transformer oils, switchgear, meters, electric motors, and other degreasing needs.  Type RP contains no chemicals that are suspected, listed, or known carcinogens.  Please review the RP aerosol SDS for safe use.