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AMAC Equipment specializes in both underground cable installation and aerial cable installation - creating a leading supplier of aerial equipment. State-of-the-art aerial equipment ensures easy handling for any aerial cable installation job. Unrivaled service and a fully stocked inventory provides an unparalleled selection of pole line hardware, cable installation tools, cable pulling grips, cable lubricants, and any required accessories.Cable lubricant, degreasers, and cleaners also available in AMAC Equipment’s inventory.


Superior service provided through AMAC Equipment ensures every technician is fully comfortable with the aerial equipment on the job. Whether it’s a new model of cable pulling grip, or using cable lubricant to assist with proper maintenance, experts at AMAC Equipment are always available to assist you.


AMAC Equipment supplies tools to suit any and all aerial cable installation needs.

  • Overhead sheaves, blocks, and accessories
  • Lashers and accessories
  • Support accessories
  • Pullers and accessories

Overhead Sheaves, Blocks, and Accessories

Choose from a variety of nearly thirty different models of overhead sheaves, blocks, and accessories. Whether the job requires multi sheave cable blocks or fiber optic cable sheaves, finding the appropriate accessories is simple and painless at AMAC Equipment. Our aerial equipment inventory reflects how we are prepared to assist you in any situation, no matter the type or location of the cable installation.


Lashers and accessories

There are six different cable lashers to suit all types of cables, with all accompanying accessories available in our stock of lashers and accessories. Lashing wire shears and lashing wire removers help with tearing down older cable installation to allow new cable installation. AMAC Equipment carries many models of lashing wire grips, lashing wire clamps, and lashing aerial cable guides to help any cable installation job progress smoothly and flawlessly.


Support Accessories

AMAC Equipment stocks support accessories to all aerial equipment in our inventory for your convenience. A large selection of swivels, cable pulling grips, strand tension meters, and pull finders makes it easy to get everything you need for your cable installation job and reduce downtime. All accessories are available in different ranges to meet the cable diameter being installed.


Pullers and Accessories

Mounting frames, cable pulling trailers, pulling sleds, and capstans are crucial to a smooth running job and efficient aerial cable installation. Select from the large ranges of pullers and accessories to match the cable diameter being installed. Our experts are eager to help you find the appropriate pullers and accessories to reduce your downtime and increase your productivity.

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