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Amac Amac

AMAC Equipment utilizes a variety of high quality vendors to make sure each product meets our standards.

Alturna Mats Alturna Mats

Alturna Mats is a provider of premium ground protection mats. Used among professionals in a wide variety of companies to avoid turf damage and vehicle stoppage.

American Polywater Corp. American Polywater Corp.

The Polywater Company is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in electrical and communications construction and maintenance.

Atlantic Braids Atlantic Braids

With a focus on innovation and continually providing excellent products, Atlantic Braids has remained a Canadian Manufacturer of premier quality cordage for many years running. 

Bashlin Bashlin

Bashlin, with a focus and priority on quality product, has been supplying professionals in the utility and general industries for over 80 years.

Bierer Meters Bierer Meters

Bierer & Associates Inc offers an extensive and comprehensive line of Voltage Detectors, Phasing Voltmeters, Phasing Testers and Grounds Testers.

BKB Industrial BKB Industrial

For over 30 years, BKB Industrial supplies Beech Panels to a wide range of industries.Their hardwood panels offer excellent strength and wear resistance.

BOSS Industries LLC BOSS Industries LLC

BOSS Industries is a leading manufacturer of rotary screw PTO compressor systems. Established in 1988, BOSS Industries has continued to be a leader in design and product support.

Cementex Cementex

Cementex is a manufacturer of double-insulated hand tools. Experience, adaptability, quality and vision are the foundation of their brand. 

Condux Condux

Condux International is a manufacturer of underground and overhead cable installation tools and equipment for the telecoms and electric power markets.

DCD Design and Manufacturing Ltd. DCD Design and Manufacturing Ltd.

DCD Design has been designing, engineering and manufacturing Underground and Aerial Cable Installation tools for over 30 years. 

Featherlite Featherlite

Established in 1949, Featherlite is commited to providing quality, dependable, and durable ladders within the Canadian industrial ladder market.

Garant Garant

With over 115 years experience, Garant has become and remains one of the leading Canadian manufacturers of snow removal and gardening tools.

General Machine Products General Machine Products

General Machine Products manufactures a wide range of products for the telecommunications, power utility, and cable television industries. This includes Aerial Cable Construction Equipment & Tools, Copper & Fiber Cable Placing Equipment, and other related tools, hardware, and supplies.

Hastings Hastings

Hastings specializes in providing safe, dependable hot line tools & equipment. Over the last 40 years their hot line tools have been rigorously tested worldwide.

HK Porter HK Porter

HK Porter is a leading manufacturure of industrial cutters, accessories and equipment.

Hubbell Hubbell

Hubbell manfucatures electrical products for commercial and the industrial markets.

Loos & Co. Inc Loos & Co. Inc

Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry.


Equipment for work-at-height and rescue professionals. Each Petzl product is designed to meet a precise need found in the real world. 

Royer Royer

Royer is proud of each pair of boots that carries their name, and believe maintaining the status quo is not an option – at Royer they aim for excellence.

Maclean Power Maclean Power

Maclean Power is a leading manufacturer of products used for building trasmission and distribution lines and substations for the utility industry.

Miller Miller

Miller provides fall protection and safety products, and all Miller products are designed and tested by full-time qualified engineers and technicians.

OK Champion OK Champion

OK Champion delivers high quality products such as rodders, cable pullers, and cable scrappers on behalf of Timberland Equipment Limited.

Plastic Techniques Inc. Plastic Techniques Inc.

Plastic Techniques has the safest aerial lift bucket accessories in the world, backed by five decades of experience.

Protol Inc. Protol Inc.

Located in Montreal, Protol Inc specializes in the conception and manufacturing of metal parts.

PT Technologies PT Technologies

PT Technologies is a global leader in the manufacture of specialty chemicals whice are approved and certified for demanding, specification driven applications found in the electric power utility, telecommunication, aerospace, military and industrial workplaces..

R&M Plastic Products Ltd. R&M Plastic Products Ltd.

Using a combination of experience and design, R&M provides high quality extrusion and molding products in Canada.

Reliable Equipment Reliable Equipment

A leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools and utility products.

Rock Exotica Rock Exotica

Rock Exotica manufactures technical rope access and climbing equipment with a desire to produce the most innovative technical equipment available.

Silky Silky

Silky manufactures industry leading wood cutting saws. Crafting fine wood cutting saws since the early 1900s, Silky continues to raise the bar for quality, endurance and cutting efficiency that none can match.

Slabach Enterprises Slabach Enterprises

Slabach offers a unique competetive advantage to organizations looking for reel trailers. 

Sling Tech Inc Sling Tech Inc

A Canadian owned and operated company and one of the leadinig providers of lifting quipment and services. 

Snap-On Snap-On

A trusted manufacturer of shop equipment products, automotive tools, and repair solutions, Snap-On strives to prove the most valued productivity solutions in the world.

Team Fenex Team Fenex

Supplies mobile power equipment, pumps and ventilators to telephone companies and power genrating utilities.

Tulsa Power Tulsa Power

Tulsa Power is a manufacturer of processing machinery for the wire and cable industry. We offer both standard and custom designed equipment solutions for a wide range of material-handling applications. 

Vanguard Steel Vanguard Steel

Since 1960, Vanguard Steel Ltd. has been supplying specialty steels and steel products to North America - many of which are being manufactured to Vanguard's own specifications.

AMAC Equipment utilizes a variety of high quality vendors to make sure each product meets our standards.

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