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Trucks, Cable Pulling Trailers &  Accessories at AMAC Equipment Limited


When large lengths of cable are being laid, whether underground or overhead, it is necessary to have a trailer ready to carry the kilometers of cable to be laid. The cable pulling trailers from AMAC Equipment are built to handle the weight and the stress of large quantities of cable. They can carry and pull cable to ensure that each project they are applied to results in a success. Here at our high-tech supply and manufacturing firm, we have a wide range of various trailers and accessories for you.


Some of the Cable Pulling Trailers at AMAC Equipment Include:


Air Compressor Cable Pullers


As a part of our cable pulling trailers, we have a series of cable pullers outfitted with air compressors. These can pull cables underground with forces of over 7500lbs. We also have trailers with a variety of features to suit the varying needs of the industry. Some of these include digital monitoring systems, a pulling arm attached to the trailer that can rotate as needed, antitwist ropes, and even a remote control system. The air compressor provides more pulling power without compromising the functionality of the puller.


Reel Trailers


These are an effective part of our inventory that aren’t outfitted with pullers, but are instead designed to provide a method of transporting large quantities of cable to and from job sites. These trailers are built out of sturdy and durable frames that can handle the weight of either one cable reel or multiple units. These trailers when combined with pulling trailers and our other trucks and accessories form a complete cable pulling and transport system.


Talk to the experts at AMAC Equipment today to learn more about the different types of trucks, trailers, and accessories we offer to our clients. You can request a quote if necessary!