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Polywater® InstaGrout™ Utility Pad Sealant Barrier

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Pour-In Sealant Barrier that
Prevents Animal and Insect Entry

  • Deterrent – Keeps mice, rats, snakes, insects and water from entering the pedestal or cabinet. 
  • Easy to Use – Ready to mix and apply.  No water needed.
  • Blocks – Flows and self levels before expansion to seal the entire opening. 
  • Re-Enterable – Saw or drill after installation to install new ducts or cables.
  • Protects – Cured product offers permanent protection through weather extremes.

Polywater® InstaGrout seals pad-mounted equipment openings to prevent outages and service disruptions due to entry of rodents, water and humidity.  It is a resilient and impermeable ground barrier that improves electrical reliability.  It is ideal for equipment replacement where pad opening dimensions and/or pad positions between old and new equipment are different.

Once Polywater® InstaGrout is mixed and poured into pad openings, its self-leveling expansion fills voids around conduit stub-ups and cable to create a smooth yet strong barrier.  InstaGrout adheres to fiberglass, polymer concrete, and concrete pads.  It tolerates temperature extremes as it will not settle, crack, shrink or crumble.  InstaGrout is the best alternative to concrete or other materials used in the past.

See the sidebar for a video on how easily InstaGrout installs to form a strong, impermeable ground barrier for pad-mounted equipment.


Replace This

Massive earthen build-up in transformer.

Massive Dirt Build-up in a Transformer


Rodent Bite Marks on an Elbow


Sticks Brought into a Transformer

With This

Installed Instagrout

Improves Electrical Reliability

InstaGrout Field Installation

Blocks Out Intruders

InstaGrout Field Installation

Adheres to All Types of Pad Bases

 Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® InstaGrout Sealant Barrier is supplied in kits that contain everything needed for a good seal, including resins, mixing pails, gloves, and instructions.

The PMT-3 and PMT-10 contain premeasured containers of the two-part curing matrix. The PMT-1 and PMT-2 are "burst pack" pouchs. The two parts are conveniently mixed inside the flexible package after breaking a center seal.