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Amac Amac

Polywater ® PR Power Cable Lubricant

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Universal, Pourable,
Underground Cable Pulling Lubricant

  • Field Friendly – Packaging designed for the installer.
  • High Shear Resistance – Allows friction reduction even under high sidewall pressure in bends.
  • Slow Drying – The residue is a thin, slippery film that retains lubricity for months after use.
  • Compatible with Common Cables – Suitable for use on many cable jackets.
  • Cold Weather Formula – A Polywater PR version is available for use in cold weather pulling.

Polywater® PR Power Cable Lubricant is a complex polymer liquid lubricant that provides excellent friction reduction. Perfect for installing cables from the transformer to the service entrance of businesses or homes.


Polywater® PR Power Cable Lubricant can be poured or pumped using our LP-D5.