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Polywater® Fiberglass Wax & Buff Kit

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Hot Stick and Insulated Boom Truck Protectant

  • Protects – Does not remove or affect gel coat. Leaves non-conductive, water-repellent coating.
  • Fast Acting – Wax easily applies and hazes quickly.
  • Convenient – Dual action tandem pack: wax-saturated wipe and dry buffing towel.
  • Restores – Brings back luster and helps to protect gel coat.
  • IEEE Compliant – Meets IEEE maintenance recommendations (Std #978).

Polywater® Wax was formulated especially for hot sticks and insulating boom arms to haze quickly and buff out easily.  This carnuba-based wax restores the luster of the fiberglass to help protect the gel coat. It beads water on the insulating surface to inhibit tracking. Waxing the insulating portion of boom arms and buckets after cleaning them with Polywater® Boom Wash, or following dielectric testing, is a recommended maintenance practice. See the sidebar for boom truck cleaning guidelines.

OSHA states that hot sticks, booms, and other live-line tools “… can become electrically unsafe because of … a combination of wetting, surface contamination, and a loss of surface gloss …” and ” … the best defense against accidents is a clean, glossy stick that causes water to bead up …”

The ANSI A92.2-1990 Standard (Section 5.4.3) also addresses proper dielectric testing intervals and field inspections for aerial truck testing. By following manufacturer and industry guidelines on the maintenance of boom trucks, aerial fleets will be safer and last longer. Polywater®Wax and Boom Wash aid conformance to these industry practices.


The Fiberglass Wax and Buff Kit contains a lint-free, wax-saturated wipe and a soft, lint-free towel for buffing. The W-16 is recommended when servicing boom trucks.