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Amac Amac

Polywater® FTTx Communications Lubricant

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Thin Spray Lubricant to Lower Tension
in Fiber Drops & Data Cables

  • Superior Performance –  Reduces friction with ultra-thin coating levels.
  • Zero Mess – Dries quickly and leaves zero mess at end of receiving side of the pull, unlike traditional wax and gel pulling lubricants.
  • Low-Friction Residue – Lubricates even when dry.
  • Spray or Wipe Application – Very clean and easy to use.
  • Compatible – Suitable for a variety of cable jacket types.

Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® FTTx is a thin, sprayable liquid, available in several unique packages. 

The FTTx-35LR is a refillable, spray trigger bottle practical for shorter cable installations. 

The FTTx-D20 contains lubricant-saturated towels that easily coat the wires as they are pulled. 

For larger applications, Polywater® FTTx can be sprayed from an air-pressurized industrial sprayer (see application video on right sidebar).