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Polywater® G Cable Pulling Lubricant

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Clear, Single-Polymer, Gel Lubricant for Underground Installations

  • Less Mess – Clean drying, non-staining, and water soluble.
  • Applies Easily –  Can be hand applied, pumped, or deployed by the Front End Pack Bag System.
  • Low Solids – Will not cement-in cables.
  • Evaporates After Use – Nothing to soil hands or pollute environment.
  • Temperature stable  Will not separate when frozen or kept in hot environments.

Polywater® G offers crews a cable pulling lubricant that can be hand applied when pouring is not possible. Polywater® G is a single-polymer lubricant used for underground cable pulling in the telecommunication and electrical utility industries. This non-staining lubricant was widely used 30-40 years ago due to its ease of application, resistance to mold growth, and availability in field-friendly packages. Polywater’s newer complex-polymer lubricants, such as Polywater® J, are better suited for installing copper telecommunication and electrical cables. Polywater®J was specially formulated for today’s longer and more difficult pulls, pulling through multiple bends and working in hot environments. Polywater® J is also used in vertical conduit runs, as it won’t cold flow down into the box or panel after the cables are installed. If Polywater®G is still being used we recommend contacting American Polywater for a better solution for cable installation needs.