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Polywater® GrandSlam™ Pipe Joint Lubricant

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Minimizes Broken Bells

in Concrete Pipe Joining

  • Superior Lubrication – Provides maximum slip to pipes, manholes, and boxes during installation.
  • Protects Bells – Reduces “fish mouthing” and rolling of the gaskets during pipe joining.
  • Clean & Easy – No brush needed. Won’t stain clothing.
  • Subaqueous – Clings to rubber, concrete, ductile iron, and PVC under water.
  • Temperature Stable – Doesn’t get “watery” in hot weather.
  • Compatible – No deterioration or swelling of rubber or plastic gaskets.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic – Harmless to people and the environment.

Pipe manufacturers and contractors know too well the reason for damaged and “blown” bells in concrete and gasketed PVC pipe joining.  Improperly lubricated gaskets too often loop out from their grooves during pipe joining (“fish mouthing”) and cause bells to split.  Field people want to properly lubricate pipe joints and gaskets; but with smelly lubricants that drip, melt, freeze, and wash off in water, sometimes it’s impossible to do the job properly.

Polywater® GrandSlam Pipe Joint Lubricant for concrete, ductile iron, PVC pipe, and boxes eliminates the problems with other pipe joint lubricants.  It is an odor-free, easy-to-apply, soft paste material.  GrandSlam Pipe Joint Lubricant is subaqueous and clings to both wet and dry surfaces on concrete, ductile iron, and plastic pipes.  It doesn’t wash off, even with flowing water.  GrandSlam Pipe Joint Lubricant is compatible with rubber gasket materials.  It provides maximum lubricity of the rubber gasket against the concrete bell for damage-free pipe joints.


Product/Package Notes:

GrandSlam Pipe Joint Lubricant comes in two grades: Regular Grade GSQ and Winter Grade GWQ (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -0°F/-18°C).