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Polywater® SpliceMaster® DT Dry Towels

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Non-Linting Dry Towels for
Medium Voltage Cable Preparation

  • Versatile: Use DT towels to apply bulk Polywater cleaners.
  • Non-Linting:  DT towels leave no reside that could lead to tracking.

Polywater® SpliceMaster® Drying Towels are ideal for wiping excess solvent from electrical cables during splicing. Using rags or recycled cloths that aren’t lint free to wipe cleaners from cable can leave residues that cause tracking and failure. Recycled rags may also contain oils that can then be deposited onto the insulation. Other commercially available towels are not lint free and can contain fiber-bonding adhesives, which will lead to failures.

The Polywater® Drying Towels are lint free and contain no fiber-bonding adhesives that could leave a chemical residue. The drying towels are durable with a high tensile strength in both directions, and have excellent absorbancy. These non-linting, non-tearing, and non-snagging wipes have many uses beyond cable cleaning. The wipes are excellent for use in the PE fusion industries for gas piping and water piping applications. The key to a good splice and creating a reliable utility system is to use recommended materials and follow the proper procedures.


Product/Package Notes:

The Polywater® Cleaning/Drying Wipes (DT-69 and DT-1212) are made from a creped, highly absorbent, non-woven material.