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Amac Amac

Polywater® CableFree® Loosener Cable Removal Aid

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A Specialty Lubricant
For Removing Cables From Ducts

  • Stuck Wire Removal – Softens binding agents such as wax, rust, soap, dirt, bitumen, or other adhesive residues.
  • Lubricates – Minimizes the force required to pull the cable out once it has broken free.
  • Conduit is Reusable – Leaves empty conduit undamaged and ready for re-use after cleaning and drying.
  • Economical – Lowers duct reclamation costs by eliminating expensive cut-ins.
  • Limits Liability – Meets NEC Codes for Removal of Abandoned Cable: Articles 800.2, 800.52(1), & 770.2.

CableFree® Loosener is designed to remove “cemented” wires and cables from conduit systems.  Typical reasons that cables get stuck in conduit include yellow-colored, wax-based or old soap-based pulling lubricant residues; cloth-jacketed wires; “bird nesting” of wires; and rust, mud or bitumen deposits.  CableFree® is a liquid lubricant with a citrus-based solvent that loosens these binding agents to reclaim conduit raceway systems.


CableFree® Loosener can be applied at day's end and allowed to soak overnight to eliminate wasted waiting time.