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Polywater® SPY™ Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant

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Sprayable Liquid Lubricant
For Cable Pulling or Pushing

  • Lubricates – Reduces friction to lower pulling tension and pulling stress on wire/cable.
  • Zero Mess – Dries quickly and leaves zero mess at end of receiving side of the pull, unlike traditional wax and gel pulling lubricants.
  • Atomizable Liquid – Can be sprayed from pressurized sprayer or hand trigger sprayer.
  • Wipe Application – Can be wiped onto small cables with a saturated cloth.
  • Compatible with Most Cable Jackets* – Suitable for use on a broad variey of thermoplastic and thermoset cable jackets.
  • ULC Listed – Listed product when needed for NEC and CEC installations.

* Contact American Polywater for specific recommendations on LSZH/LSHF or CSPE cable jacket types.

Polywater®  SPY Lubricant is a concentrated liquid that can be sprayed into the duct or wiped on the cable in a thin film. Industrial sprayers are available for automatic spraying application. Polywater® SPYis based on unique lubricant chemistry and technology. Much like a paint, the lubricant thins as it is sprayed or wiped. Once on the cable or conduit surface, it thickens to stay coated.

Polywater® SPY Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant reduces friction effectively and compares favorably with the other high-quality Polywater® Lubricants.

Polywater® SPY Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant has been successfully tested for a variety of uses:

Polywater® SPY Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant has been successfully used for:
— Lubricating fiberglass rods for easier and longer insertions during fishing.
— Spraying holes in wood studs to reduce tension in hand-pulled Romex wire.
— Eliminating need to fish by allowing shorter runs of wire to be pushed.
— Lowering tension on traditional building wire pulling into EMT or PVC conduits.
— Pressurized spraying for no-mess underground cable installation.


Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® SPY comes in two grades - a regular grade and a winter grade for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F/-30°C. 

The SPY-35LR is a refillable, spray trigger bottle practical for shorter wire runs. 

The bulk packages of Polywater® SPY can be applied from a pressure sprayer (see demonstration video on right sidebar). 

The SPY-D20 contains lubricant-saturated towels that coat the wires as they are pulled.