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Polywater® IceFree™ Encapsulating Antifreeze Gel System

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Protects Fiber Optic and Comm/Data
Cable From Ice Formation Damage

  • Protects Cable – Surrounds cable with a gel that does not freeze.
  • Prevents Ice – Blocks water ingress and ice formation in ducts.
  • Stops Signal Degradation – Prevents ice-expansion-induced microbends and resultant signal loss in fiber.
  • Improves System Reliability – Prevents downtime due to cold weather signal loss.
  • Compatible with Cable – Gel is fully compatible with cable.  No jacket swelling or cracking.
  • Non-Blocking – Soft gel does not interfere with cable removal for repair or upgrade.
  • Long Lasting – Install once for many years of protection.

Polywater® IceFree Antifreeze Gel is a specialty, non-freezing gel that is pumped into conduits around cable to prevent water ingress and subsequent ice formation.

IceFree is recommended for sections of ducts that are susceptible to freezing, such as bridge crossings or areas where duct is placed above the frost line.

The gel is pumped into the conduit or innerduct using high-pressure grease-type piston pumps as described in the installation instructions. There are several methods to contain the gel, depending on access to the conduit.