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Polywater® PL-3™ Packing Installation Lubricant

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Easiest & Cleanest Solution for Lubricating Pumps and O-Rings

  • Slippery – Packing rings slide easier.
  • Clean – Won’t stain clothes.
  • Water-Based – Leaves no residue.
  • Non-Toxic – No hazardous ingredients.

Polywater® PL-3 Packing Lubricant is water based, non-staining, and offers superior friction reduction to slide o-rings easily over pump shafts.  Packing rings slide around the shaft and into the pump’s stuffing box without resistance or twisting.  PL-3 is the only water-based packing lube on the market.  The advantage is that it can be used in areas where an oil-based product would cause concern.

Polywater® PL-3 Packing Lubricant is conveniently packaged in a quart bottle that can be reused for months without performance degradation or shelf life concerns.  The PL-3 quart nozzle helps to direct the lube where it is needed.