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Strand Tensionmeter

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Commonly referred to as a Strand Dynamometer, the Strand Tensionmeter is used in tensioning new strand and in measuring the tension in existing strand. Assures that utilities maintain proper cable clearances to comply with all requirements specified in the National Electric Safety Code's Uniform System of Clearances.

  • Is a precision instrument which can quickly measure tensions of 1/4 in. (6.6M) Extra High Strength, 5/16 in. (6M), 3/8 in. (10M) and 7/16 in. (16M) Utilities Grade, zinc coated guy wires and messenger cables per ASTM A-475.
  • No battery to run down and let you down-100% mechanical.
  • One piece construction measures all sizes. No saddles to loose.
  • Used on strands having less than 10,000 lbs. of tension.
  • The Tension meter measures tension in pounds force with an average accuracy of plus or minus 3%. The maximum error magnitude can be the greater of 7% or 150 pounds force with a 3% frequency.
  • This plated steel instrument measures the force required to deflect the strand to an out of line position, registering this force on an integral dial.
  • Is furnished with an analog thermometer, temperature compensation charts, detailed instructions and a hard shell plastic carrying case cushioned with foam rubber for protection.
  • A registered serial number is stamped on each handle.
  • Strand tension readings may be taken at any convenient point in the span. The actual strand tension is easily determined by referring to the furnished calibration chart. The user converts the dial indicator reading into the tension value.
  • The data on the chart indicates the dial reading of the tensionmeter corresponding to the amount of strand tension, in 100 pound increments, for the normal tension range of each strand size. To ensure accurate measurements of different ambient temperature conditions, take a temperature reading with your thermometer and refer to the temperature compensation charts.