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Cable Installation Tools & Accessories at AMAC Equipment


Using the right tools for the job is as important as staying safe through safety equipment. Cable installation tools are necessary to ensure the work is done according to specifications, and to make sure that all the right procedures have been followed. Different cables and locations require different sets of tools. AMAC Equipment has tools and toolsets to match differing needs. When you get your cable installation tools at AMAC Equipment, you’re making the right choice for your project and your crew.


Some of the Cable Installation Tools We Have at AMAC Equipment Include:




Our high-end calibration dynamometers are designed to ensure that the calibration of our cable installation tools such as fiber blowers and cable pullers is as it was meant to be when manufactured in the factory. You can also use the dynamometers with other brands of cable tools, as we believe in supplying fully compatible units to our customers.


Cable Cutters


Cable cutters aren’t just meant for taking down cables. They are an important part of our cable installation tools because of the many uses they have in the industry. We supply many different types of cable cutters that fit different purposes such as utility cable cutting and telephone line cutting. You can also find specialized tools like ratcheting cutters here.


Cable Benders


For convoluted cabling paths, bending tools are required to bend the cable effectively without compromising the functionality of the cable. This is done using a bending tool from AMAC Equipment, which can maintain the integrity of the inner cable while bending the line as needed.


We also have a number of other cable installation tools in stock here, so make sure you browse through our extensive inventory to find the right one for you. Contact us for a quote today!