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Among the smallest hydraulic cuttingtools available. Designed to cut copper, aldrey, aluminum, aluminum-steel cases, EHS guy wire and steel ropes having a max overal diameter of 1" and steel ground rod up to 5/8". The tool features double speed action. The blades are manafactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life. The head can rotate 180 degrees, to enable the operator to work in the most comfortable position, and can easily be opened to allow the cutting of running cables. RE-58MC features an automatic saftey valve to bypass oil when reaching maximum presure; a pressure release device can be operated any stage of operation.


Length: 15.5 inch

Weight: 7.5 lbs. 

Pressure: 10,000 psi

Wire Ropes: 1 inch.

Soft Steel Bolts: 7/8 inch.

Rebar, Grpimd & Anchor Rod: 5/8 inch

Cu. & Al. Wire: 1 inch

ACSR: 1 inch

EHS Guy Wire: 1 inch

Lead Sheathed & Telephone Cable: DO NOT CUT