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Resources / Underground Equipment

AMAC Equipment Limited is a utility supply company specializing in underground and aerial cable installation applications. We are proud to bring you state-of-the-art equipment for your cable installation job. AMAC Equipment boasts an entire range of hydraulic cable cutters, pull tape, duct rodders, pulling trailers and more.


AMAC Equipment Limited supplies tools and equipment to suit any and all underground and aerial cable installation needs.

  • Cable blowing
  • Duct rodders
  • Cable pullers
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Manhole equipment
  • Utility tools and accessories

Cable Blowing

Blowers are available in regular sizes, mini sizes, and hand-held sizes. Selecting the size and capabilities on the model is dependent on the worksite, the installation, and compatibility with other equipment and cable installation projects. Test kits, cable blowing lubricants, and accessories help maintain cable blowing equipment to keep performance at optimal levels.


Cable Pullers

AMAC Equipment supplies slip clutch capstans, fiber optic cable puller capstans, mounts, stands, and frames, and many models of cable pullers. Select from standard to heavy duty cable pullers, accompanied with accessories or in a package. AMAC Equipment Limited is a proud supplier of CableGlider ® equipment, each with its own set of adapters and tool box for accessories.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pulling eyes and directional drilling swivels replacement pins come in any industry standard size. The directional drilling swivels prevent boring equipment’s rotational torque from interfering with the product being pulled, designed to provide the break link for product pull-back. All directional drilling swivels are best maintained with directional drilling grease, available in AMAC Equipment’s inventory.


Manhole Equipment

Corner cable guides of different ranges, heavy duty quadrant block, and hanger arms are designed to securely rest on the edge of the manhole. Improve safety and efficiency with the help of jamb skids, support bars, chains, racks, and other accessories available in AMAC Equipment’s inventory. Replacement sheaves are great to have on hand to reduce downtime.


Utility Tools and Accessories

AMAC Equipment Limited’s growing inventory has nearly fifty varieties of accessories, each with its own range of sizes, to help your underground or aerial cable installation run efficiently. Pulling fluids, hooks, couplers, grips, connectors, duct rodders, and anchors are always in stock to reduce your downtime when you are in need of extras or replacements. Our reel payout frames and duct rodder cages are lightweight for easy handling on the field. An extra roll of pulling rope or pull tape ensures you underground cable installation project will never be on hold. All accessories and more are available at AMAC Equipment Limited, with experts to assist you with selecting and using them in conjunction with your existing equipment.

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