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Resources / Personal & Work Area Protective Equipment

Experts and professionals of AMAC Equipment value your safety above all else. That is why our company provide personal and work area protective equipment. Protective equipment like cable pulling grips and best practices ensure the safety of workers and personnel in the area. Our protective equipment is state-of-the-art and up to code, letting workers do their job with optimal efficiency and safety.

Work Tents

Use these to shelter the working area from wind, rain, and snow. Our tents are designed with roll-up doors, closed using Velcro or zippers. Each has skirts around the base, exhaust ports, and a window or vent. Built-in wind lines make it easy to tether by a single worker. The tents come in various sizes to accommodate the work area. Larger tents are available to fit around manhole equipment, giving enough space to maneuver around the manhole guard rail or the manhole shield.


Manhole Equipment

AMAC Equipment supplies manhole shields manufactured from high impact polymer. Manhole guard rails keep personnel from accidentally falling in, and assist the worker with exiting the work area. It is highly recommended to use manhole equipment in conjunction with traffic control equipment, especially in areas with high traffic.


Traffic Control

The standards of traffic control equipment are always fully stocked at AMAC Equipment. Traffic lights, message boards, arrow boards, road signs, and road stands are used for high traffic areas with a large number of pedestrians or vehicles. AMAC Equipment also supplies cones, drums, and high delineators to help direct traffic away from the worksite. Keeping the public safe is just as important as keeping the workers safe.


Clothing & Accessories                  

Hardhats, gloves, cable pulling grips, safety shoes, and high visibility clothing are available to keep all workers safe in the work area, and from oncoming traffic. Depending on the work area and the task, high visibility vests, rainwear, jackets, harnesses, legwear, and bands protect workers from vehicles and other operational machinery. Gloves, hardhats, and safety shoes are up to code for cable pulling grips and installation jobs, ensuring workers a peace of mind and allowing them to focus on the tasks.


Pole Climbing

High altitudes can come with high consequences. AMAC Equipment provides the best and up-to-code pole climbing equipment, letting workers feel safe and focus on the cable installation high above the ground. Body belts, harnesses, and harness belts come in a variety of sizes to fit over any protective gear, and positioning straps help customize the fit for maximum safety. Pole and tree climbers are secured gaffs and straps for versatility.


Organization/ Certification