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The Use of Cable Pulling Grip in Efficient Cable Installations

March 17, 2021

Cable installations, be it aerial or underground, are steadily evolving with the development of new technologies and tools such as cable pulling grip, pull tape, and more. This line of work needs to be done safely and correctly in the first attempt to save any potential wastage of materials and time. The task needs highly trained and skilled experts for a successful installation. AMAC Equipment has extensive experience working in this industry and has been a key player in the growth and evolution of cable installation practices over the years.


Our team of installation experts is always ready to help with any utility supply services and products such as cable puller, pull tape, cable pulling grip, cable lubricant, and many others. To know more about these products, listed below are some of the common tools and equipment used during cable installation. 


Cable Pulling Grip and other essential tools for Cable Installation


Cable Pulling Grip

These tools offer a perfect way of pulling electrical cable, copper telephone cable, as well as bare conductors. They are made of excellent galvanized steel strands for great durability and strength. When you require a cable pulling grip for your application, choose one based on the required tension, gripping surface, movement, diameter, and attachments. These factors are crucial in selecting the right grip for a successful cable installation job


Cable Puller

This particular equipment is designed for underground cable installation. It’s fully self-contained with advanced features such as digital monitoring, wired remote control, rotating pulling arm, and anti-twist rope. It provides up to 7,500 pounds of continuous pulling power and is capable of tackling the toughest pulling applications.    


Cable Pulling Lubricants

In order to aid the task of cable pulling grip, lubricants are needed to create a lubricating film that offers optimum friction reduction during a pull. Quality lubricants are biodegradable and are used to coat power cables and copper cables. They can also be used on chlorinated or high-density polyethylene, ethylene-propylene or natural rubber, Hypalon, and neoprene. 


If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of cable installation products, we at AMAC Equipment have a long history of specializing in a variety of applicable industries with 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business.