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Tips for a Successful Cable Installation Project

February 24, 2021

In the past decade, big networks of cables and wires that provide essential power and communication services have continued to grow. As cable installers rapidly install more lines, the demand for cost-effective and efficient services has also spiked up. In order to achieve a successful installation, the use of the right cable installation tools is important. Without the right tools, installing cables can be very difficult or perhaps even impossible. These tools are helpful both to install and repair cable lines and their use is very economical and saves plenty of time. They help facilitate reliable, precise, and efficient installation that requires little to no rework.


Here are some useful tips for efficient cable installation.


Choose the Right Tool


Cable installation tools come in various types and applications. For example, utilizing the correct termination tools or punch-down tools can help enhance productivity by installing Cat5 jacks up to eight times faster than doing it manually. These tools which are often used to terminate telecom cables come in three major types - manual, impact, and multi-wire. The other tools used by professional installers are special scissors that offer quick, clean, and safe cuts. There are also special cutters available that are made with features that minimize hand fatigue and hasten the cutting process. And then there's the cable stripper which is fitted with an adjustable gauge that is vital for most cabling jobs.


Use a High-Quality Tool


A high-quality tool ensures easy and quick removal of outer insulation from all twisted cable pairs, shielded or unshielded, and multi-core cables. Conversely, using a generic tool such as a pocket knife or ordinary scissors may only do more harm than good, especially if they damage the cable. The other cable installation tools used by installers are splicing knives, crimpling pliers, voltage detectors for protection, and modular crimpers for landline plugs, among others. Without these vital tools, installing and repairing cables can be quite frustrating, so it's important to use high-quality tools. 


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