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The Aerial Equipment Technicians Are Using to Make Overhead Cable Installations Easier

November 06, 2019

It is understandable to associate cable work as an activity that occurs predominantly underground; however, …


…overhead cable installations are commonplace and can pose serious threats to workers and the structures being worked upon if not handled correctly.


As approved vendors in this sphere, we at AMAC Equipment know full well the importance that aerial equipment has on projects of this calibre.


Technicians are providing services that are more successful and safe than ever before. What exactly has changed? Their tools and equipment. Let’s provide an overview as to what their arsenal of aerial equipment entails:


Cable Lashers

These are dedicated for situations that involve securing the fiber optic cable to the strand. Before conducting this, it is paramount that the proper sizing be established so that it can lash the cable without inflicting damage; undersized lashers are known to impose dents onto the cable as it travels through its length.


Equipment exists to mitigate such situations, one such being the AMAC C2 Cable Lasher – ideal for lashing aerial cables that are smaller in diameter while also providing additional support for the strand with stainless steel lashing wire. Our intuitive approach to its design make it the perfect companion for recently initiated construction projects or for overlashing.


Cable Blocks

Upon a cable being pulled in and becoming subsequently suspended underneath the strand, a cable block’s purpose is to receive the pulling rope and provide sufficient support for the cable during this process. The key here is that the appropriate sizing be chosen to be congruent with the pulled cable.


For those with a penchant for convenience, the clip-on cable block from AMAC can accommodate cable bundles up to 2” in diameter. The clip-on design has proven invaluable for a number of clients looking to save precious time.


Cable Sheaves

Another aspect of cable working involves redirecting them which, as you may have guessed, is a remit that falls under cable sheaves. Not only this, they are regarded as an indispensable piece of aerial equipment as they minimize wear, friction, and rigidity on the cable.


The Condux Cable Sheaves we supply here at AMAC are fashioned out of aluminium, making them as durable as ever while not being a burden to carry. But the ingenious design doesn’t end there, they also come fully equipped with a hanger arm. What does this do?


  • Removes the possibility of cables detaching from the sheave or latching against the support arm.
  • Effortless cable feeding as the hanger arm can be separated.


Just because overhead cable installation isn’t easy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the tools and aerial equipment at your disposal designed to make your work more effective.


That’s where AMAC Equipment comes in, we’re here to make sure you conduct your work as best as can be with aerial equipment quality you never have to second-guess. We’re a turnkey company, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find aerial and/or underground cable installation products and services out of our area of expertise. If you need expert advice, don’t be afraid to reach out! We can also arrange visual showcases and demonstrations for most of our products via our AMAC Demo Truck on your site.