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AMAC Equipment is an Approved Vendor

October 09, 2019

AMAC Equipment is now an approved vendor of reputable manufacturers like American Polywater. As approved vendors, customers can consistently rely on us to have the aerial equipment product stock they need, and to provide the knowledge and customer service know-how to find what they’re looking for.


As manufacturer approved vendors, we communicate directly with industry-leading manufacturers about current and upcoming and changing products, innovation, and news when it comes to our supply of aerial equipment and cable installation products.


As approved vendors, AMAC Equipment stays informed when it comes to what is new and upcoming within the aerial and underground cable installation equipment industry.


Through our approved vendor status, AMAC Equipment is also fully capable of facilitating a direct line of communication with the manufacturer when it comes to upholding warranties and facilitating product repairs. Customers won’t have to unilaterally seek communication with manufacturers, but can opt instead to contact the vendor through us for effective communication outcomes.


The AMAC Equipment Difference


AMAC Equipment is your number-one source when it comes to specializing in aerial and cable installation equipment and underground cable installation products. We understand the difference quality makes, which is why we work hard to maintain a higher standard of excellence when it comes to customer service, and safe, quality products our customers can rely on.


Having experience serving all branches of the government, power generation and distribution, CATV cable providers, telecommunications, natural gas, and independent contractor industries – we prioritize providing exemplary service to our customers by facilitating meaningful relationships with our vendors.


If you’re looking for a reliable aerial equipment supply, look no further than AMAC Equipment Limited. We are fully capable of assessing your needs, and providing you with the relevant products and services