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Qualities to Look for in a Duct Rodder

January 10, 2019

A duct rodder is an essential tool for any utility company or organization that specializes in cable laying, as it can speed up the cable-laying process and maximize productivity.This tool is used to first clear a duct by threading a reinforced and bendable rod through the duct. A cable is then attached to the tapered head of the rod and pulled through the duct as the rod is retracted. A rodder is easy to operate and extremely useful for underground cable installations. It can increase the efficiency of your installation operations and help you save on time and labour.


There are many options to sift through when considering what type of duct rodder you need, depending the specific purpose it will be used for, the rod length you need and if portability is important to you. The following are qualities you should look for when purchasing one of these tools:


Reliability – A duct rodder can only increase your work efficiency if it is performs its function consistently and dependably. A poorly manufactured rodder is liable to break down and require repairs, costing you time and money. Test out the rodder prior to purchasing, if you can, to ensure that is runs smoothly. Our Condex duct rodders can be fitted with three different types of rods, depending on the nature of your cable-laying work.


Durability – A rodder that is used consistently for a prolonged period will experience a lot of wear and tear. One that is high quality will have a cage that does not bend or break no matter how roughly it is used. Look for a rodder with a cage that is corrosion, chemical and temperature resistant. The cages of our rodders have a firm structure and can be used either upright or on their side.


Portability – Technicians will need to transport this tool from one site to another, so portability is key. Cages come in various sizes; however, the size of the cage will depend on the diameter and length of the rod you need. If you require a wider and longer rod, our cages come with wheels for added mobility and a hand-operated wheel brake. Our cages are also designed to be lightweight for easier handling.


As a specialist in both underground and aerial cable installation applications, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to suit your specific needs. Once you have purchased a duct rodder, we can provide accessories and a repair kit to go with it. Contact us today for duct rodders and many other tools and accessories to make your cable installations more efficient!