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The Numerous Accessories Attached to a Duct Rodder

May 16, 2018

A duct rodder is an essential spool from which a cable wire can be attached. It makes laying cables easier and prevents any potential blockage that may twist or break the cable. It provides great assistance in clearing ducts prior to pulling the cable through them.


With AMAC Equipment, a duct rodder also comes with kits containing the key accessories needed for any professional rodding job. These include:


  • Tapered head: this is attached to the end of the duct rod and guides it through the conduit and permits a pull line to be connected to the duct rod. It comes standard with the duct rodder.
  • Shackle fitting: it is fitted onto the tapered head for a larger pulling loop to attach the rope or pull line.
  • Roller guide: helpful in guiding the duct rod around sweeps, bends, and misalignments. It is also used when conduit is already occupied by other cables.
  • Swivel coupling: necessary to connect two rods being pushed into the conduit from the same end. It is only used when a length of a duct rod is not long enough for full conduit run.
  • Basket combination: used to also connect two duct rods from opposite ends of the conduit run, making it possible to pull out both rods in one direction. It is used instead of a swivel coupling once the entire length of the duct rod is hard to push from just one end. It works only in four inch or larger conduit and does not negotiate with tight bends.
  • Threaded end fittings: this is a replacement when a factory installed fittings breaks off or when the duct rod itself breaks to almost the end of the rod.
  • Splice kit: it is necessary to repair broken duct rod and includes epoxy and installation instructions.


AMAC Equipment manufactures high quality line gear like the duct rodder to ease clearing and laying cable. It is lightweight but sturdy enough to handle thick cable wire. Our duct rodder is constructed with flotation wheels and hand operated wheel brake for easy use and improved safety. It also comes with a kit containing essential accessories and another containing the repair and replacement parts needed for long term or heavy use. Our duct rodders are all versatile which can be used both in an upright and laid out position. Either way, they would be of great help for your rodding works.