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Hydraulic Cable Cutters: Star of the Electrical and Utility Industry

July 12, 2019

The hydraulic cable cutter is one of the most important tools in the electrical and utility industries. It is used to cut power cables made of copper or aluminum as well as overhead transmission conductors, large underground power cables, and support wires or cables. Its efficient functionality and long-term maintenance make for successful electrical and utility operations.


What are the types?


A hydraulic cable cutter has a wide variety of applications in a number of industries that require cutting. It comes in various models, including manual, battery-powered, as well as remote controlled. The remote hydraulic head cutter can be operated manually or with the use of an electric or diesel pump. The cutting tool heads come in different styles such as ratchet, scissor type, and guillotine, which can either be flip-top or latch head. There are some special cutters that can cut even more sturdy materials such as reinforcing bars and steel rods.


What are the benefits?  


One of the great benefits of using a hydraulic cable cutter is the smooth, straight cut it offers even when cutting armoured and lead-sheathed cables. It can perform this task without causing any damage or deformation to the aluminum or copper conductor. More advanced hydraulic cable cutters can also feature a speed setting that can be automatically switched from a fast advancing speed to a slower cutting speed.


What are the safety measures?


When it comes to cutting cables, there are some steps to follow for you to achieve a proper cut. Always keep your hands clear of the cutting blades and wear safety glasses and gloves when using the tool. In addition, prior to starting the cutting process, make sure that the latch is fully secured. And lastly, don’t forget to clean the tool right after every use to remove dirt, dust, and any residue left, which can impact the long-term performance of the tool.


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