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Your Guide To Hydraulic Cable Cutters

February 19, 2019

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, increasingly advanced tools and equipment are being developed. With a growing focus on increased efficiency and worker safety, we make sure that our products are growing with the industry. This includes one of our bestselling products: hydraulic cable cutters.


What Are Cable Cutters?

The cable cutters are similar looking to a pair of pliers or vice grips (or a smaller version wire cutter) in which you employ a grip/clamping force by hand to the pair of handles and cuts the cable. This is a simple cutting tool that makes cable cutting easier than tools that came before it.


Common Uses For Cable Cutters

High tensile strength cables are commonly used in construction and bridge supports. For this reason, cable cutters are an essential item to have on the job. Cable cutters are able to resize the length of cable as needed for a specific construction task.  


Hydraulic Cable Cutters

As the industry grows and technology improves, so do cable cutters. The typical cable cutter has seen its successor: the hydraulic cable cutters. These two tools are similar, but also have several differences that are essential to point out. When it comes to hydraulic cable cutters, a hydraulic mechanism delivers the “force” to apply in the cutting process. This makes the job easier for the operator or technician cutting the cable, since greater force can be applied with ease.


Here are a few benefits of hydraulic cable cutters:

•     Ease of use. The hydraulic mechanism ensures that greater force can be applied with ease.

•​     Consistent result. With the consistent pressure/strength of the hydraulic mechanism, a clean cut on the cable is always a result achieved. Repeatability and consistency are the benefits

•​     User friendly and stress free. The hydraulic cable cutter makes the job lighter or easier for the worker on the field. With less stress and a user friendly design, leads to a more efficient worker.


If you are looking for cable cutters of any kind, simply give us a call. Our high quality products are sure to fit your construction needs.