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How Businesses Use Work Tents to Protect Their Staff and Equipment

November 13, 2019

The benefits of worker tents are twofold: protection for workers, and storage solutions for their tools and equipment. As an approved vendor, we at AMAC Equipment know the difference quality makes, and work tents are no exception to this rule.


Understandably, it can be difficult to know what features offer the most value when it comes to sourcing work tents for your team.


We’re here to help funnel your selection process, showcasing some of the most pertinent aspects that can make or break the working capacity of a worker tent on-site:



One of the largest hurdles you can face when it comes to completing your project within an allotted time frame is the weather. An adequate worker tent should be able to face some of the tougher elements that comes its way.


A great example of a tent that provides solutions to varying temperatures is seen in the Condux QuickTent we supply, incorporating windows/vents with a closing flap, as well as housing wind lines so that they can be tethered securely.


Features like these ensure your workers and equipment are provided the necessary ventilation in the summer, while at the same time being able to keep them away from the rain.



Protecting your team and tools shouldn’t be relegated to one place, you should be reliant on your worker tent to be serviceable anywhere.


An ingenious solution is once again brought to life by the Condux QuickTent – through its ability to be folded into a confined, lightweight carrying bag sewn into the tent, it allows for convenience in transportation to be readily employed on any work site.



Small reductions in downtime may seem trivial in the short-term, but these can accrue into long-term lost capital should abundant amounts of time be dedicated to setting up worker tents; it is important they be deployed promptly.


The Condux QuickTent we supply has been designed with this squarely in mind; ready deployment within just a few seconds



When it comes to best investment practices, you should be able to rely on the purchase you have made to last for a number of years.


Long service life in a product, more often than not, traces back to the quality of the components used in its manufacture. The Condux QuickTent, as you may have guessed delivers this in spades with its fiberglass frame and urethane coated nylon cover; providing sites with work tents they never have to second guess.



Last but not least, we reach the point of available area, i.e. space. The traffic, both in terms of workers and equipment, can fluctuate depending on the task at hand. Without this space, much of the benefits of work tents fall by the wayside as they cannot be utilized.


As luck would have it, the Condux QuickTent has accounted for taste when it comes to all things space. How? By providing you with a selection of five tents in dimensions ranging from 4 x 4 x 6.5m all the way to 10 x 12 x 8m.


The Right Work Tents for Your Work Site

Finding the right supplier for a Condux QuickTent doesn’t have to be difficult; we at AMAC Equipment are approved vendors of Condux equipment. Not only that, as specialists in all things protection equipment and cable installation we have a broad catalogue to provide you with turnkey solutions for convenience. Get in touch to learn more!