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Duct Rodders: Unseen Heroes in The Utility Supply Industry

January 02, 2024
Condux duct rodders from AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill, ON

There are countless tools and equipment that utility supply contractors use for underground cable pulling. It is impossible to imagine a sound utility distribution infrastructure without underground cables. Do you know the one tool crucial for underground cable pulling that doesn't get the credit it deserves? We are talking about duct rodders. These simple but effective tools are game changers when laying underground cables for utility distribution. Read this blog until the end to learn about the importance of duct rodders in the utility supply industry.


The Importance of Duct Rodders in Infrastructure Development

Duct rodders simplify an otherwise tiresome and complex procedure of underground cable pulling through existing conduits. Ducts and conduits help facilitate the smooth movement of underground cables. However, they can also be complex to navigate for cables without being damaged.


This is where conduit rodders come in. The fiberglass rodders are strong yet flexible. They can be easily used to navigate even the most complex ducts and conduits. Sharp curves and tight bends are not a problem for these rodders.


The rodders do a great job clearing ducts of dust and debris from the conduits, thus facilitating a smooth movement of cables.  The use of duct rodders saves time and money during infrastructure development projects. Their efficiency allows for faster deployment of services such as electricity and internet connectivity without the need for extensive digging or disruption to existing structures.


AMAC Equipment Limited is a leading supplier of utility supply tools and equipment. We supply duct rodders from Condux International at the best rates. Condux rodders come with floatation wheels for added mobility. What's more? The effective wheel brake is a welcome addition to rodders from Condux. Cage sizes are matched to suit the rod you order. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you.