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Condux Products From AMAC Equipment Limited

March 27, 2024
Condux products from AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill, ON

Condux International is arguably one of the most renowned brands manufacturing utility supply tools and equipment. Setting up and maintaining utility distribution infrastructure is an intricate task. Contractors and workers in the utility industry rely on quality tools and equipment to install lengthy cable networks. AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill, ON, is an official supplier of Condux products. We have decades of experience and an unblemished record supplying quality utility supply tools to contractors in Canada. Read this blog until the end to learn about the types of Condux utility supply tools we supply.


Types of Condux Products We Supply 


Fiber Cable Installation Tools

Optic fiber cables are the lifeline of any country's internet access. Did you know that installing optic fiber cables is an intricate task involving many nuances? It requires access to sophisticated tools and equipment. We supply fiber optic cable pullers, fiber optic cable guides, and fiber optic cable blowers from Condux. These tools are engineered to ensure a seamless installation experience for professionals in the industry.


Power Cable Installation Tools

We supply power cable installation tools built to handle the demands of heavy-duty power cable installations. From trenching equipment to cable blowers, our Condux products guarantee reliable performance and durability on every project. Re-Usable Power Cable Pull Eyes, Power Dart Blower, and Portable Hydraulic Power Packs are some of the power cable tools from Condux that we supply.


Aerial Equipment & Tools

They are crucial for pulling overhead cables. There is great risk while working at such heights in all kinds of weather conditions. Condux International supplies quality aerial equipment and tools to make a worker's life easy. Cable blocks, set-up brackets, cable benders, and pole line hardware are some of the aerial Condux products we supply. 


AMAC Equipment Limited is your one-stop shop for top-quality Condux products. Whether you need fiber cable installation tools, power cable installation tools, or aerial tools, we have got you covered. We also supply hydraulic cable cutters, pull tapes, and work tents at competitive rates. Call us today at 905-884-1423 to get a free quote or place an order.